WWWF Photo Gallery

Steve and Brian throw a retro party to celebrate
the completion of the Grudge Match manuscript
August 1997

The cover unveiled!

Steve (played by Tony Manero) and Brian (played by Sonny Crockett) unveil the cover.

Gratuitous couch shot

We know what you're thinking, and, yes, that is Michael J. Fox behind Nate's head

Why all the plaid?

Believe it or not, Simon and Mark went bar hopping in that plaid

Guess which Cornell Alumnus stopped by
during the Bill Nye vs. Beakman match

Steve's brush with greatness

Signature of approval

Another chance meeting

Brian's brush with ceramic greatness

Brian bumps into WWWF Legend "Colonel" Sanders
at a KFC somewhere in Southern Georgia, February 2000.

Montreal, Canadia
July, 2000

He dropped the Clinton doll!  Release!

Brian™, Hotbranch!™, and Thinkmaster™ execute the dangerous
(yet effective) Totem Pole Head Lock™ on Murray, the dog.

Brian and Steve take some publicity shots
for use in a syndicated article
May 1998

The Rage (tm)

Steve makes one too many derogatory comments about Webster
Note: Both Brian and Steve were trained at the exclusive James T. Kirk School of Fighting™

Puppet Fun

State of the art facilities at the WWWF labs™ allow Brian and Steve to conduct
intensive research on different Grudge Match scenarios to predict outcomes with
unprecedented accuracy. (And you thought we just made that stuff up!)

Steve, Brian, and Sam from Halloween 1994: Whip it good!

Step on a crack

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