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[The commentary to this match was lost to an accidental overdose of gamma radiation. Sorry.]

A Recap of the Event

(If you missed it)

The Terminator and the Predator battling to the death along the skyline of New York City. Any (and only) handheld weapons are allowed. Since the Terminator must keep his computer brain, the Predator can keep his cloaking device. Killing of innocent women and children will not earn either participant extra points, but it is encouraged. Self-destructing to avoid the loss is not allowed.

The Results

Terminator (308)


Predator (247)

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Voter Comments

STEVE: Just a note to those of you who voted for Predator: Where is your feedback? The feedback was overwhelmingly in favor of Terminator, but the voting is much closer. This is America! Make yourself heard!

Also, many of you have been asking about improving the voting system. We're working on it (But not too hard).

That is all.


First of all thanks for giving me another way to exercise my brain other than work. Sitting here Monday morning ignoring my work and instead pitting the awesome firepower of the Predator vs. the awesome stamina and bad haircut of the original Terminator really makes my day.

Gotta give the win to the Terminator. With all his high tec hoo haas surely the cloaking device of the Predator is rendered mostly useless. And the Terminator will surely bring into use all the weapons inherant in the urban environment whereas the Predator will be overcome by the city.

Now how about Terminator vs. that guy from I Come in Peace....


I think everyone is overlooking a big factor in this battle: the sanitation department. Now, if the Predator kills a guy, he always takes the skulls and sticks them on his little belt, right? On the other hand, Terminators don't pick up after themselves, sometimes purposely crushing the you have any idea how hard skull is to clean up? Just ask Jules Winfield some time.

Anyway, the combined might of the Sanitation department will rally behind the cleanliness of the Predator to take down the Terminator. The end. Of course, that's until Gamera Space Monster teaches everyone a lesson.

-C Eckert

It needs to be remembered that in "the terminator", the terninator was finally killed after being blown in half by a pipe bomb, at which point his better half (the upper one) crawled after sarah conner and was killed by being crushed in a hydrolic press activated by conner. In that last scene the terninator's hand was stopped scant incheds from conner's throat. Also, remember the final bits of T2...termie was mangled, crushed, and finally opened like a can...and he still returned to save the day. Further, it would be unfair to the terminator to even consider that the terminator wouldn't know to kill the perdator...I would think that he would be programmed with a target, otherwise there's no fight. To be fair, you might as well not tell the predator who to kill.

The preadator is an organic being which, if it did lose it's lower half, or was opened up with a can opener, would die from the loss of vital fluids. The terminator is definatly the tougher of the two, and a plasma cannon or a shotgun and AK47 in the hands of the terminator is every bit as good as the preadator's weaponry.

yours truly, and a little saddened that he was dragged into such an argument,


The Terminator would win for one simple reason: his wacky dialogue. While Termie throws a crazy line like, "I'm going to kill you now," the Predator, who amounts to little more than a few well-placed grunts and growls anyway, would still be searching for a witty rejoinder, when, whadda ya know, the Terminator does indeed kill him. Once again, great writing saves the day.


It's obvious the Terminator would win. He can blend in with the crowds, whereas the Predator would have to be cloaked all the time. That could get tiring. Besides, the Predator would have to find a hydrolic press to squeeze the cybernetic juice out of Term's head. All Arnie has to do is pull a shotgun from a box of roses and blow his alien butt back to where it came from. The Terminator feels no pain and wins hands down.


A battle bound for greatness, promises this war of individual conquest, and as history, and our dire need to watch cable reruns has proven time and time again.... it will all come down to the hand to hand struggle in the end. Sure Predator has brought over with him in his high flying planet jumper, a choice collection of the universes finest weopons. And Termie will no doubt have display the tactical savvy in acquiring a formidable quiver of US issue ordinance....


Undoubtedly, it will all come down to a hand to hand, fist to slimy fist street brawl. And if you're a betting person, keep in mind that tempered steel will slice through scaley reptile flesh like a hot knife through butter, like a piano string through tofu, or like a arab terrorist through US customs. Terminator dominance supreme.

Tmogi PI

Assuming that the Predator even shows up on Earth after his pathetic showing against Danny Glover, its pretty obvious that the Terminator will make dog meat out of the Predator. Ole Pred Head coudn't beat Arnie without his super indestructable alloy body, and against the terminator robotic body enhanced Arnie, the Predator won't last long. True, the termie was killed by regular humans in the first movie, but Sarah Connor was helped by none other than super space marine Hicks, the only marine to survive an encounter with the aliens. My prediction: terminator covers himself in Crisco, thus rendering himself invisible to the Predator, before pummeling him to death with a truck load of Predator merchandise that never sold.

-Hassan Ali Hammy Salammy

By 3:30, the Predator is spouting green-glowing blood like a old man after a barium enema. Leaving a trail everywhere he limps, the Terminator will have no trouble whatsoever catching up to him.


Total Kill and destruction is a factor of how many gas trucks are in the area and how many national guardsmen are brought in before predator hits the dirt. I estimate 5 billion dead (Clinton and Yeltsin go nuts, MAD is finally played out) leaving only Mad Max and a bunch of Aussies duking it out.


Hey guys, You left out some critical information which I need to be able to make my decision. Where (and when) is Linda Hamilton when this battle is taking place? Obviously, she would be the deciding factor in any outcome involving these participants - but who's side would she be on.

Pre T2 era:

Linda takes out Terminator in a frenzied romp accross the city, culminating in a downtown Micky D's where T is exposed to alternate cold/heat treatments chasing Linda in circles through the freezers and cooking areas; ultimately getting caught in the hamburger patty maker - not a pretty sight. Meanwhile, Predator watches the action from above. At Linda's moment of victory, Predator takes her out from a distance with a vile, cowardly hi-tech missile projectile - leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouth (except the lucky few in the restaurant who were recovering from a Big Mac Attack).

Post T2 era:

In a desperate struggle, it appeared Predator had won. Terminator was chopped to pieces, except for half an arm, shoulder, head intact (eyes gone, but hair in place and quite studdly). Linda was down but not out. She was playing dead. Predator was making triumphant victory squeals, as he was licking Linda's face to make sure she was dead. Then, to his dismay, she grabbed P, screamed, and held him long enough for T to crawl over and get a mouth-hold on Predator's neck. There followed a sight which would delight Pit Bull owners the world over. Predator could not shake him loose, and it was over in seconds.

But in a misguided effort to keep this confrontation from happening again in the future, Linda destroyed all the evidence by taking a weapon from P and nuked the place from a block away - "Just to be sure". I know you said that this was not allowed, but hey - this is the real world and you don't always get what you wish for.

By the way, Danny Glover never took part in any of the confrontation. The word was that he was sitting on the toilet the whole time.

- John

[The creators of WWWF Grudge match reserve the right to completely exclude these fantasy match-ups from the real world. Any who suggest otherwise will be taken care of. We won't be hearing from John again. - Ed]

... The Predator is a wimp... (again, I quote) Predator: Ouch, yowzers, screeeeech! (and all this because of fluorescent KY jelly? Please!)

So, the Terminator takes him down by lunch.

'nuff said.

(Except that I too have too much free time!)


I believe that an overlooked anatomical differance will certainly tilt the advantage in favor of the Terminator: Predator's hair things. It is obvious that the Terminator would be much stronger than any of Predator's previous opponents. I see Term.grabbing hold of these long, hair/tentacle things and it's over for the Predator since his/her hair is probably also his/her genitalia.


Final carnage count: 1 dead Predator

3,629,417 innocent bystanders killed (because they were too stupid to stay away)

283 tall buildings laid to waste

356 dead police officers (who tried to keep the crowds at a safe distance)

2100 military personnel dead

254 military vehicles wrecked beyond repair

17 New York City buses damaged

3 subway trains derailed

Unfortunately, that stupid pink rabbit survives the ordeal


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