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What is Grudge Match?
What is Grudge Match?
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The End

That's right, folks. After a decade (almost to the day) and 248 matches, the WWWF has shut down.

No, seriously. We know we've retired before, and then spawned another site, and then merged back with them, and all that. But this is really it. No more Michael Jordan-esque unretirements this time.

The reason? There are two.

1.) Good heavens, we did 248 matches! There are only so many you can do before the creative juices run out. Sure, there are plenty more that we could do, but how many of those aren't really that different from ones we've already done? If Grudge Match was a TV show, 248 episodes would put it 32nd on the all time list (right between The Andy Griffith Show and Murphy Brown), ahead of such classic yet tired-and-played-out-by-the-end franchises as Friends, The X-Files and The Cosby Show. We probably could squeeze out a few more, but how long before we hit that wall? Or have we already? That's a separate discussion.

2.) Good heavens, we did this for a decade! That's like 10 years in people years. In that span, there have been numerous graduations, weddings and career changes amongst the group. Rumor has it that some of us have even spawned. Long.story.short: we ain't in grad school any more, and hobby time isn't what it used to be. Time to move on. (Plus, it's a lot harder to stay current with pop culture.)

Don't worry: the archives will be up indefinitely. But we're done with new matches. If you've still got a hankering for new material, you can always try CBUB, the only other fight site that seems to have any staying power. Although they've retired even more times than we have!

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