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Suck had a nice article about the page.

WWWF Grudge Match was featured in the February 16th, 1996 issue of Entertainment Weekly, complete with original Mr. T vs. Mr. Clean artwork (since removed from the website). Thanks to Greg Karahalis for pointing this out to us!

Highlighted in IGN.com's Weird Wild Web on July 19th, 2000.

Named "Site of the Day" on September 27th, 2001, by online men's magazine AskMen.com. They also have a section called "Celebrity Battles & Face-offs" which is kinda sorta similar to what we do here.

Featured (with interview) in the February 18th (2002) edition of The Tuscaloosa News.

Featured Catch of the Day [dead link] site on April 19th, 1996.

Winner of "The Outpost of the Week Award" for the week of June 10, 1996 at Rancho DeNada.

Nominated for a Baz Award in the One Week Award category: Given to sites that only appear to update once a week (if that) but still maintain their brilliance. That's us in a nutshell!

Even thought it wasn't for his work with Grudge Match, it's still worthy of note: Our very own Shane Tourtellotte was nominated for a 2002 Hugo Award, the foremost science fiction writing award, for his novellette entitled "The Return of Spring".

Other reviews, awards, icons:

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Ship o' the Line Award Commissioned on April 7, 1998 "Cap'n" Mike Thomas deemed us "see worthy" and awarded us the Ship o" the Line Award. (April 7, 1998)
featured in C*E*A The Centre for the Easily Amused (C*E*A) loved our page, were dazzled by our good looks, or were bribed by our promise of immense amounts of half-price Easter chocolate. (April 29, 1998)
Lucky Horseshoe Good Site 
Award Field Marshal J A Dusty Sayers, O.St.D. honored us with the Lucky Horseshoe Good Site Award.(May 6, 1998)
The Dancing Finger O' 
Sarcasm Award Paul B. Whitley gave us a salute with The Dancing Finger O' Sarcasm Award. (August 7, 1998)

Another logo sent in by HotBranch!:


The runner-up Ground Zero logo (which was used on their old "Thanks for Voting" page) by Josh Freeman:

GZ #2 by Josh Freeman

To view the rest of the entries in the WWWF Ground Zero Logo Contest (tm), visit the WWWF Ground Zero Logo Gallery (tm).

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