The Great WWWF Ground Zero Logo Contest Gallery

"Where Fine Art Meets Blunt Objects"


Welcome to the long awaited Great WWWF Ground Zero Logo Contest Gallery!

Before we start, let us provide some background information. Back in April 1998, WWWF Ground Zero arose, like the Phoenix, from the ashes (not asses!) of the great and mighty WWWF Grudge Match™. There was only one problem - the site needed a new logo. Twice the perfect (i.e. FREE) artist was found and commissioned for the task and twice the plans fell through. So after weeks, ok, days, ok, hours, ok, ok! seconds of deep, ok, drunken, contemplation, we decided to run a contest for the logo on the general premise that if we found enough perfect (i.e. FREE) artists, one of them would eventually come up with something.

Fortunately, we were right. The WWWF was graced with 20 different logos from 12 different contributors over a 3 month period. This gallery shows off all the entries in all their glory with some various comments from the judges.

Some of you may be wondering why this gallery is appearing now when it was promised over nine months ago. It's called procrastination. Deal with it.

Finally, if you have any comments about the gallery (or complaints about our choices), feel free to let us know.

So please take a tour through the gallery. And please remember: STAY BEHIND THE VELVET ROPES AT ALL TIMES!


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