As Georgia Tech students and the future engineers and computer 
scientists of the world (be afraid, be VERY afraid), we would like 
to say a few words.  As a member of the Braveheart Jihad (THERE 
IS NO JIHAD), I would like to point out a little bit about our 
beliefs.   Since the Jihad's (There Is No Jihad - TINJ) creation 
we have strived to bring about freedom to this cruel world.  When 
we witnessed the foulness of the battle between our (TINJ) patriarch 
and the fiendish Willy, we became concerned for the well being of 
the non-existent Jihad.  We realized that the battle would be unfair 
without our intervention for a variety of reasons:

	1)  Dumb little idiot kids!  Those little tiny pukes can't 
	    appreciate a movie of the calibre of Braveheart.  To 
	    balance out their stupid votes we voted a few extra times.

	2)  The Simpsons Jihad!  You know it exists!  You even 
	    mentioned it on your webpage.  We try to create a fair 
	    playing field for our Patriarch and you sick Mr. T on us!  
	    Well, we slew Mr. T and then you change the rules of 
	    combat.  If we existed (which we don't) we would find 
	    this unacceptable.

	3)  Five Academy Awards!  

	4)  Stephen
	    Stephen: God says he can get me out of this mess. 
		     But he's pretty sure, you're fucked.

	    Hamish: Is your father a ghost, or do you converse 
		    with the Almighty?
	    Stephen: In order to find his equal, an Irishman is 
		     forced to speak to God.

	5)  The English Dying.

	6)  Lots of dead Englishmen.

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