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What is Grudge Match?

Since February, 1995, Grudge Match has provided the fights and contests you couldn't get anywhere else, including Gary Coleman vs. Webster, Forrest Gump vs. Rain Man, and the Brady Bunch vs. the Partridge Family. Throughout that time, Legal Humor has been the basis for some of the funniest and most memorable Grudge Matches in our history.

Below, you will find direct links to all the Legal Humor at WWWF Grudge Match. Even though voting and responding have been closed for these matches, there's still plenty of fun to be had.

Taylor v. Cunningham
The child custody battle that shocked a nation

People v. Simpson
If only it could have been this easy...

Microsoft v. Disney
Two corporate pit bulls go after the same pile of cash

Starr v. Clinton
Judge Judy dispenses her own brand of justice

The Ramsey Case on Law & Order
Ripped From The Headlines™

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