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What is Grudge Match?

In February, 1995, Grudge Match began by featuring Gary Coleman vs. Webster in a street fight, complete with Expert Commentary™ and voting & responses from internet viewers. New matches came in the coming weeks, and the page slowly grew through word of mouth.

Then on advice of a viewer, Steve & Brian™ pitted the U.S.S. Enterprise against the Death Star and advertised the match on Star Trek and Star Wars newsgroups and websites. Voting records were smashed! Since then, Grudge Match's popularity has continued to grow, leading to mentions in numerous publications (including Entertainment Weekly), Grudge Match Da Book™, and the partnership with TheFunniest. All the way, Star Wars humor has been a major staple in the Grudge Match arena, averaging an appearance better than every 5 months.

Below, you will find direct links to all the Star Wars humor at WWWF Grudge Match. Even though voting and responding have been closed for these matches, there's still plenty of fun to be had.

John McClane vs. The Death Star
Widely considered the greatest Grudge Match of all time

Anakin Skywalker vs. Harry Potter
The battle of the wiz kids

Red-Shirted Ensigns vs. Stormtroopers
The gang war that can't end

Han Solo vs. Captain James T. Kirk
The intergalactic bar fight

Jabba the Hut vs. Shrek
Belly up!

Scrappy-Doo vs. Jar Jar Binks
The Carrot Top Menace!

C3PO vs. Marvin the Paranoid Android
A rather neurotic event

Boba Fett vs. The Predator
The most dangerous game

Emperor Palpatine vs. Q
The battle of arrogant, flashy, god-like entities

Darth Maul vs. Connor MacLeod
There can be only one!

Darth Vader vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi
What if Obi-Wan had actually tried?

Death Star vs. Enterprise
Brought Grudge Match to a new level

Chewbacca vs. Worf
Break out the ugly sticks

Ewoks vs. Gremlins
Battle of the Muppet wannabes

Lucas vs. Spielberg
This movie ain't big enough for the both of us

Ivanova vs. Seven of Nine vs. Leia

Kosh vs. Yoda
Learn the power of the Force you will!

The Night The Lights Went Out
The site went down, & Chris "Jedi" Knight came to the rescue.

TheForce.Net Cool Site, April 5, 2000

Galactic Voyage "Site of the Month" for August 2001 at Galactic Voyage

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