Steve's all-time favorite Grudge Matches (tm)

1. John McClane v. Death Star -- So bizarre and yet it fits together so well.
2. A Rottweiler v. A Rottweiler's weight in Chihuahuas -- Animal rights activists will love this one!
3. Coleman v. Webster -- The very thought of it still cracks me up four years later.
4. Scooby-Doo v. X-files -- The Truth is Out There, and Shaggy is really out there.
5. Tasmanian Devil v. Paul Bunyan -- There's nothing quite like the mass destruction of rainforests on Earth Day.
6. Bandit v. CHiPs -- The cheesieness factor is just too high to resist.
7. Red-Shirted Ensigns v. Stormtroopers -- Redefines the concept of cannon-fodder.
8. Orville Redenbacher v. Colonel Sanders -- I'm still not convinced they're not the same person.
9. KITT v. Herbie -- Two sentient cars + Disney + David Hasselhoff = entertainment!
10. Boris Yeltsin v. Ted Kennedy -- Because it could happen.
11. Lucky the Leprechaun v. The Trix Rabbit -- The first ever written documentation of the Cereal Paradox (tm).

Brian's all-time favorite Grudge Matches (tm)

1. McClane v. Deathstar -- The fit here is just too perfect. Great dynamics.
2. Gump v. Rainman -- Even a straight fight would have been great; the biathalon takes it to a new level.
3. Yeltsin v. Kennedy -- When I'm listing Grudge Matches to people, more laugh at this one than any other.
4. Rottweiler v. Chihuahuas -- A cult classic.
5. Taylor v. Cunninghams -- King Solomon makes it.
6. Redenbacher v. Sanders -- A food fight between two dead guys? Can that work?
7. Waldo v. Carmen -- Great scenario (not ours) and arguably the best reponse file ever. We can't take much credit for this one.
8. Wallace v. Willy -- Not only funny and bizarre, but the animated gifs and the Braveheart Jihad (tm) make it a classic.
9. Scooby v. X-Files -- Perfect mix of contemporary and retro.
10. Brady v. Partridge -- The play-by-play nature of the commentary made this one a blast to write.
11. Perkins v. Cousteau -- I know a lot of you youngins didn't get this one, but it really was funny.

Honorable mentions to a few others: Coleman v. Webster, our first; Deathstar v. Enterprise, our first BIG match (tripled the previous voting record); and Taz v. Bunyan -- the special, modified, Earth Day (tm) logo for that match was one of the single funniest things we ever did.

Steve & Brian's All-Time Favorite Responses

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